Shri Sampurna VYAPAAR VASIYA YANTRA, pre Energized



Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra – Success in business and work
The Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra is considered as a good luck, for success in work, business, any new endeavors and enhances wealth and prosperity.

This Yantra is also used for solving business problems caused by external or internal influences.

‘Vyapar’ means business and ‘Vriddhi’ means increase. As the name signifies, this Yantra increases sales, turnover and profits in business or profession, and blesses the owner or holder of this Yantra with success, progress and prosperity in work & career.

It blesses the worshipper with achievement of objectives, accomplishment of targets, and overall success in ventures.

Increase in business and profits are guaranteed.

We recommend Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra for every person who has his office or a shop or a showroom.

He should keep the Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra at his place and see the difference.

Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra is fixed at the place of business and is used for increase the sales and profits in business or when the business of any body is under check by opponents, the Yantra acts as antidote and sales , profits of the business improves manifold.

Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra bestows wealth and happiness to the worshipper. The Yantra has been tested at many places successfully.

The persons who are out of employment or wants up gradation in their service or increase in the business must use Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra

You can keep this yantra at your office or altar place and do the pooja. . You have to chant this mantra for 21/108 times and with the energy of chanting you would be blessed with the positive energy of Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra.

Vyapaar Vasiya Yantra Mantra is as follows
Om Akarshaye Swaha


>Keep the Yantra on a Altar facing North or East, placing the center of the Yantra at the level of you eyes.

>Wash the Yantra with rose water or milk and Wipe the yantra with clean cloth.

>First apply sandalwood and then Kumkum on the edge of the yantra and in middle.

>Do not forget to consecrate the fruits of this practice to God (karma yoga).

>Then light a candle or ghee lamp and incense stick in front of the yantra in altar and do pooja.

>Chant the mantra as mentioned above in front of yantra.

Thus, Yantras not only avert disasters but also help in bringing good things to life.

Yantras add value to one’s life and do have mystical powers to heal certain issues which are not understood by most of the people.

All Yantras are pre Energized by guruji’s and as per Geometry described in sacred shastras.



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